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Finding a writer or an editor – the right writer or editor – to tell that story: one who understands your needs, is aligned with your vision and conveys those missives with accuracy and clarity, can be challenging.

That’s where I come in.

Hi! My name is Nick Krewen and I work with individuals, companies and organizations that market their products and services through conversational and consumer-friendly storytelling.

I write persuasive feature articles, compelling case studies and marketing content that captures hearts and drives action.

Unlike most commercial writers, my expertise is gathered from interviewing more than 2,000 people over the past three decades.  This means I know how to ask the appropriate questions and extract insightful, informative answers that benefit my clients. 

Additionally, I use my 30-year-plus experience as a journalist to sculpt clear, engaging and empowering copy and marketing content that portrays your business in an inspiring, relevant light and increases your customer confidence.

And I do it in a collaborative way that is most beneficial to you: Low maintenance.

All that and I can bake a mean cheesecake, too.

Cheesecake aside, my background of imaginatively writing about diverse topics on any given day offers you a flexibility matched by few and an openness matched by some – complemented by a passion for research matched by none. 

So, let’s have a no-obligation conversation – or check out some samples here – and ensure that you get your just desserts when it comes to meeting your client needs.

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