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Why Me?

Why Me?

The fact that I have over three decades of journalism under my belt means that I know how media works and what it takes to deliver the message that your clients and prospects will respond to and want to hear. 

It’s given me a topical versatility that allows me to hit the ground running on any project, further bolstered by my meticulous research skills, my ability to decipher and simplify market speak and my independent tenacity to get the job done on time and on budget with minimal supervision.

As a writer

Recognized for my ability to “synthesize a lot of material and simplify it,” I customize and optimize the content you want to strategically communicate to your business and consumer targets.

As an editor

Detail-driven, I can create and articulate story ideas that fit and convey your corporate vision as clearly and concisely as you need them to be to your desired audience. Clean copy guaranteed! 

As a journalist

As an award-winning and highly respected entertainment journalist, I’ve partied with Prince at Paisley Park, broken bread with Shania Twain, toured Southern Florida with Montgomery Gentry, and landed exclusives with Bob Dylan and Rush. 

My research has been sourced by writers to enhance such biographies as Lightfoot!, It Ain’t Easy – Long John Baldry and the Birth of the British Blues andRush, Rock Music and the Middle Class: Dreaming in Middleton, among others.

But decades of working both on staff and as a contributor for such daily newspapers as the Toronto StarThe Hamilton Spectator and the Globe & Mail have given me a profound depth of knowledge and understanding on a variety of fields and subjects, including trucking (Road King), romance, (Lavalife) and science (The Globe & Mail).

I also co-authored Music from Far and Wide – Celebrating 40 Years Of the Juno Awardsin 2011 (Key Porter) and served as contributing author to 2012’s Routledge Film Music Sourcebook and Elements of English (McGraw Hill).  

As a project manager

I’ve assembled the best teams to handle numerous projects that have been delivered on budget and on time.

As your collaborator

I can adapt, diversify, be flexible and hit the ground running. Plus, I know the value of a deadline.

Aside from being as affable as they come and my robust work ethic, I also bring the following to our relationship: 

No attitude.

No fuss.

No drama.

Just results – and great customer service.

Let’s talk – contact Nick here!

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