Born and based in Toronto, my journey towards writing for a living took an unexpected twist.

I was always passionate about being a wordsmith, but my greatest zeal has been reserved for music.

My initial career plan was to become a pianist or a keyboardist for a rock band or jazz combo, but my professional studies at Mohawk College to follow my dreams were derailed after I completed my first year. 

I was diagnosed with a spinal tumor and spent a year in hospital in recovery, paralyzed for a month and eventually having to learn how to walk again.

Because the tumor caused neurological damage, my hands never quite recovered to perform at the standard necessary to satisfy my goals. I still don’t have all the feeling in my left hand.

So, I discovered a new dream: journalism.

I had written some published features for my local paper prior to enrolling in college, but when it came time to think of an alternative way to make a living, I ended up talking my way into a job at the Hamilton Spectator.

After a year of covering the police desk and engaging in other general reporting, I became their rock critic.  

As the years passed, I also evolved an equal appreciation for all things marketing, and have written several stories about marketing trends, including one about magalogs that was chosen for inclusion in a Grade 11 secondary school English book.

It’s been full speed ahead ever since.

I think it’s my resilience – and my innate curiosity, especially when it comes to marketing – that makes me unique.

Here are the transferrable skills I’ve accumulated over the years that I can deliver for you:

  • Compelling copy: Everyone has a story. I can tell yours or your client’s in the most interesting way.
  • Research: I’m a strong believer in metrics and include them whenever I can in analytical pieces.
  • Speed: I’m prolific and extremely focused in providing deliverables on time and on budget.
  • Clean copy: I know the difference between there, their and they’re; it’s and its – and all the contexts in which to use them. I can deliver in AP and CP style.
  • Project Management: Serving as the editor of Nashville-based, American Media-owned Country Music, I generated content ideas, hired freelancers, proofed, provided budgets and curated the final product in a timely fashion, on a bi-monthly basis, read by a subscription base of 400,000.  As the managing editor of the annual JUNO Awards Souvenir Program from 2007-2014, I hired freelancers, oversaw design and translation, proofed, gathered art and was responsible for the finished product on a yearly basis during extremely tight deadlines. For the ole Newsletter, I delivered monthly copy from 2005-2010 which included interviews, transcription and writing that amplified the corporate message and brand that the company was intent on communicating.
  • Great Service: No drama. Everything done to your specifications and tailored to your needs.

So, let’s talk and see how I can be of service to you and your business!

Contact Nick here.