When you need help…

Your dilemma: You need a seasoned writer to deliver powerful marketing content that will help attract and land leads, boost sales and convert the indecisive.

Your solution: Me.

As the provider of the gripping copy that crafts the approved message for your target business and consumer clientele in the manufacturing, science and tech sectors, I tell your success stories the way they need to be told: to distinguish, position and elevate your organization above your competitors.

Need to drive traffic to your website?

A compelling case study that incorporates a testimonial from a valued customer about the service or product you provided is one of the most potent sales and marketing tools to have at your disposal.

Contemplating a major purchase?

A well-researched white paper will provide factual, logical and impartial options that will allow you to make an informed decision, whether your goal is to profit, economize, enhance customer service or give you a leg up on the competition.

Establishing your expertise?

A bylined article or SEO-friendly blog posted either on your site or (ghost)written for a trade magazine ascertains your authority in your profession, further cementing your reputation among peers and consumers.

Many of these tools can be repurposed as press releases, Twitter blasts, earned media and other formats that will draw attention to your business, help launch new products, increase your profile, grow your market share and add shareholder value.

Plus, if you’re feeling swamped or overwhelmed, I can help you save that most precious of commodities – time.

With decades of journalism and thousands of interviews and conversational stories under my belt, I’ve made a career of working independently and collaboratively under limited supervision. “Low maintenance” is my middle name.

While writing about the music business has been my primary niche, my aptitude for translating complex terms and concepts into everyday English has enabled me to inform about moldmaking and draw millions of dollars in business to Canadian Light Source, whose field of synchrotron science impacts everything from automotive lubricant additives to medical imaging.

I’ve also won an ASME Award for my analytical primer on the biodiesel fuel industry for Road King, a U.S. trucking industry trade magazine.

So if you need an award-winning writer who gets results, we should talk: reach me at 416-208-9262 or nickwrite @ rogers.com.

For business samples, check out nkbusinesseditorial.com and for music, octopusmediaink.com.

By the way, I also bake a mean cheesecake.